Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We're New Englanders now!

When I started this blog, I never imagined we'd go hop-skipping so quickly from place to place! It was already a big undertaking to move from Helsinki to Dallas to become Texans, but here we are - less than two years later - calling Boston our new home.

Our move this past weekend went as smoothly as it possible could have. It'll be difficult to ever have to move without the support of a relocation company and program!

We said farewell to our house in Coppell Thursday morning as the packers came in and began boxing our belongings. We all headed over to the Gaylord Texan resort for our last nights in Texas. It was the ideal place with a chance to stroll past miniature versions of all the Texas highlights - the Riverwalk from San Antonio, the Alamo, the canyons we never got to visit and just the grandeur of this big state.

Friday, a big rig parked in front of our house and the movers began filling it up. Our two cars were loaded on into a tunnel between the boxes to make their trip northward.

We flew out without a hitch from DFW. In fact, compared to our first attempt to fly with Peanut & Tex, this was a cake-walk! I had virtually five people helping me and the little ones through security, the ticketing agent smilingly accommodated our seat change requests and we easily boarded the plane first. We were situated in the very rear of the aircraft in two&two seats in our own mini-section as the rear galley was in front of peanut and papa. They had their own bulkhead while tex and I relaxed behind them. The roar of the engine had a soothing effect on the little ones as they BOTH slept nearly two hours of the 3.5 hour flight.

Boston welcomed us with clear skies and brisk temperatures. Our drive out to Burlington gave us a quick glance at the harbor (WATER!!!) and a view of the city skyline. We're looking forward to exploring it all.Link

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