Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A.W.O.L. or just M.O.T?

Its been a busy month for us! Graduating to "Mother of Two" has been a big leap, but I feel I'm getting my bearings.

Just today, I headed out for an unplanned and unexpected diaper run with both Peanut and Tex. Any new mom will know that "unplanned" and "unexpected" with new babies is a feat. It was only the second time I hit the road on my own with them. It still takes some logistical juggling for me, but I did it without breaking a sweat.

Compare this to the first time I went to the grocery store alone with Peanut in Finland. I thought the whole venture through very carefully several times and even planned the exact time to head out between feedings, diapers, etc. I was a nervous wreck as I moved her carry-cot out of our apartment into the elevator.

This time around, I've got some experience under the belt and am a bit more relaxed.

We've had a lot more going on around here than just bringing Tex into our lives. We'll soon be leaving the Big D for the home of the Big Dig -- Boston! Peanut's papa has taken a new position up there and we are already hot & heavy into the "relo" (as those in the biz call it!) process. Our home is for sale, movers are making estimates and I'm thinking I should have kept those snow boots!!!

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Maiju said...


Moving is always exciting. We just got an appartment in Vantaa. We are so read to move back! I miss bigger town. I hope you'll find your place in Boston!

I know, two kids is totally different than just one but fortunately you have that experience of the first child...

I have to admit that I was so young when I got my first child that I didn't know to worry about anything. I just went and the baby came along. It was much easier if I were to be mom now. :)