Thursday, February 01, 2007

No more 'baconized' ham, prunes, kegels...

We are almost there with little Tex!! Though I think being pregnant is a wonderous and amazing process -- there's a mini-human growing inside of me -- and hope it is something every woman can enjoy, I'm really looking forward to the end of
  • prunes everyday
  • having to microwave my cold cuts so that everything is basically like bacon
  • remembering to do kegels
  • dropping food on the front of all my clothes (since the crumbs & droplets can't get past the bump)
  • sleeping on my side surrounded by pillows of all shapes & sizes
  • my belly slipping out from underneath the maternity shirts that no longer are long enough
  • jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to walk out yet another leg cramp in my calf
  • my aching back...ha, that's just a joke, everyone knows a new mom's back aches even more :-)

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