Monday, October 16, 2006

Mama radar fails

Peanut had her 18 mos well-baby check-up today - though it turned out she wasn't so well afterall. She'd had a runny nose and cough for about 2 weeks, but it didn't seem nasty enough to take her to doctor separately. I figured it was just lingering.

But, no. Turns out Peanut has an ear infection, sinus infection AND conjunctivitis! Now, the last part, I did notice. When she awoke this morning both her eyes were puffy and had goop in the corners. The ear and sinus infection were a bit sneakier as she hadn't run a fever and had been generally in good spirits.

Then, I thought about it. I had heard her cry out during the past two nights and she was waking up earlier than usual. She usually sleeps like a log. I mentioned it in passing to Peanut's papa, but just passed it off that she was excited papa was home after a trip.

Ding, ding, ding. Hello, mama radar!

We decided to go ahead and treat with pencillin (amox and an eye drop formula) since she's been sick already for 2 weeks and waking at night. The doctor thought we'd probably be looking at another 2 weeks to wait & see if it clears up.

Otherwise, the 18 mos visit went just fine. Our doctor has a check list of developmental milestones she runs through at each visit. This time it was questions like
  • does she climb stairs if you hold her hand?
  • does she kick a ball?
  • throw a ball overhand?
  • use a fork/spoon?
  • eat veggies/fruits?
  • does she "help" around the house?
  • off the bottle?
  • how many words does she use (Peanut has about 15 unprompted - the dr thought it was plenty)

The doctor also recommended that Peanut begin taking a chewable toddler vitamin (1/2 tablet once a day). The shelves at the store were filled with brightly colored packages featuring Dora, Pooh, Disney Princesses and the classic Flintstones among other characters. There are chewables, jelly ones and even powdered ones. We went with Pooh since Peanut loves him and Tigger so (plus they were two4one and have stickers in the box -- i know, i'm a marketeer's dream shopper!!!).

As for potty training, she said don't even try yet. Keep the potty out, but no real effort until Peanut is two. We'll see. The potty is out. Peanut often tells us when she needs a diaper change. And, it'd be nice to not have two in diapers. But, I realize she'll do it when she's good and ready.

We also got a quick run down on how to use time outs since Peanut is now officially of time-out age. Getting a special stool and a timer were the keys.

And, to wrap it all up, Peanut got her second Hepatitis A vaccination and flu shot! Phew! Back next time at two years.

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