Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Curing ear infections by waiting & seeing

From babycenter.com news, it seems many cases of ear infections actually cure themselves over the course of a few days without the use of antibiotics.

This was also the response of the doctor we visited in the Netherlands when Peanut got her ear infection during the last days of our vacation. Our local Texas pediatrician would have been willing to also wait & see for a few days if Peanut had been a bit older when she got her first ear infection just shy of her one year birthday.

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Peanut's Mom said...

This is from an email a friend in the US sent me.

C.C.'s Mom says
"totally agree about the ear infection thing,unless there is a high temperature I don't want to risk C. building up an immunity to antibiotics that he might truly need later - especially if it will clear itself up in time. Of course infant Motrin andTylenol are great for pain."