Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fourth of July

I know, i'm a bit slow this week....the fourth of July was already several days ago.

Peanut's papa was out of commission with an unfortunately timed migrane, so I took Peanut to the City of Coppell 4th of July parade alone. We met up with one of Peanut's playmates so it was still a lively affair.

The parade is scheduled for a 10 am start, but still around 10.40 that morning under an increasingly hot sun, we were wondering where they were! Luckily, we had snagged a spot under a tree for some shade. Some who planned ahead came with lawn chairs, portable sun umbrellas and coolers. Dogs were dressed in bandanas; children had empty plastic bags along to catch all the candy. Next year, we'll come later and come prepared.

Peanut loved the all the dogs, excitedly 'oof, oof'ing when she saw one she liked. The marching band, police sirens and fire trucks were all a bit too loud for her. She'd quickly snatch up her stuffed animal, squeezing tightly around his neck, and ask for 'up' into mama's arms. Thanks to the local Exchange Club, Peanut got a mini-US flag to wave around.

What I liked best about the parade was the way there was always a spectator calling out to a buddy on a float or driving a car with a Ms. Jr. West Texas pagent winner or handing out flyers who would return the greeting. It wasn't so much a parade staged for us to watch, but really for everyone to have fun and participate in.

The kids weren't the only ones picking up goodies: the Mom's Club of Coppell (there is a North and South chapter!) gave us a bag of animal crackers, the YMCA was giving away free 2 week passes, Super Suppers had a coupon for a free side dish, and one group handed out those juicy ice sticks...ahhhh!

Mixed in with the usual karate clubs, neighborhood floats, beauty pagent winners, politicians and real estate agents were cheerleaders and a surprisingly many religious themed participants.

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