Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Old McDonald sure has a cute farm in Irving!

Fritz Park in Irving has a shaded nook dedicated to the aptly named Fritz Park Petting Zoo.

We had a fantastic time visiting it with some playgroup friends. On the Tuesday morning we were there, we shared the zoo only with a well-behaved group of elementary school-aged visitors and a handful of other strollers. Arriving just in time for the 10 am opening meant we had plenty of morning shade and time to visit all the farm residents.

Peanut demanded release from her stroller as soon as we approached the cow. She eagerly approached him and I'm sure even 'moo'd' a hello. Unlike the animals we tried to see during our recent zoo trip, the petting farm animals were easy to spot as their cages were on the right level with big spaces in the fencing.

We even walked into the actual 'petting' area with goats who are rotated out during the day so the same ones aren't overly loved by tiny visitors.

It was great for Peanut to see live goats, sheep, chickens + chicks, a donkey, a peacock, pigs, a turkey and even a deer (though its space seemed cruelly small). I often wonder what children think all those animals in their books and toys are since most of us are so far removed from farms and livestock. Yet, they persist as stand-bys in virtually every child's early toy collection.

There was much more to take advantage of than we did - little cottages available for birthday parties, coloring, picnic tables and then the rest of Fritz Park with its extensive playground, water garden and walking trails.

All free!!

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