Friday, June 09, 2006

Check out Yuva Studio for creative fun for kids & adults!

YUVA Studio Button (animated)

A friend of mine and her husband just launched their online playground for the mind: Yuva Studio. I just spent a quick evening creating some artwork of my own and its been tickling my mind all day long today. I've been just waiting for Peanut to take her nap so I could back and try some other images!

As they describe it:
It is an online environment, a creative playground that fosters play, stimulates creativity and encourages sharing. It is where your child explores shapes: makes them larger or smaller; rotates them; and maybe doodles around them to discover its many characteristics.

YUVA consists of five activities: Stamp, Punch, Patch, Doodle and Draw. YUVA offers diverse swatches of shapes as the elements for play — the building blocks for their designs. The activities start out simple: choose a shape and stamp it on the canvas, punch it out of the canvas, our use it as a patch to make mosaics. Then advance to drawing free hand to add complexity to the composition.

They've got free demos! The site is still being further refined and they would love your feedback about your experience.

Here is their Art Gallery with some examples of the art created by Yuva Studio users:

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