Saturday, May 13, 2006

Not welcome: Itsy-Bitsy Spiders and other creepy crawlies

The pest control man told us its the height of bug season in North Texas now. Its been pretty quiet around our place - a few silverfish in the bathrooms, a spider here & there, one cockroach scuttling about the garage, but otherwise not many multi-legged unwanted guests around.

One of the joys of living in Finland was that we simply did not have any household bugs to worry about unless you count the mosquitoes and flies that came in the open windows during summer. And, I don't. Having grown up in Florida and other Southern states, flying cockroaches, fleas, healthy sized spiders and other things that give me the hibbie-gibbies (sp??) count.

But with Peanut around, I was a bit hesitant to just ring up the pest control guys to come spray their poisons where she now plays. Even though our pediatrician said they are safe and the pest control companies claim to be safe. A few alternatives from a playgroup friend -

There are some pest control companies who claim to be safer than the traditional ones:
Sterling Pest control and All Safe Pest Control.

In the end, we called Curtis Pest Control here in Coppell to spray just the outdoor perimeter of the house. I figured if we can stop them at the door, we don't have to have the poisons indoors and can just help any crawlies inside to an untimely early death.

The guy who came out was extremely knowledgable about what chemicals he was using, how they worked and what the local insect population was like. We talked with him for a long time as he explained the spray is made from an extract of an African daisy that is specially concocted into tiny microcapsules to penetrate the exoskeleten of bugs to release the poison. They don't dissolve in rainwater and are effective for several months. The capsules supposedly won't enter the human system unless ingested.

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