Monday, May 08, 2006

How come no one warned us about the 1 year old tantrums?

Is it because they are still nothing compared to the 'terrible twos' and everything else that lies ahead?

Peanut has got opinions - I want to walk now (we just sit down for dinner at a restaurant), I want back into the pool (swim class just ended), I want to wander into the creek (when a perfectly appealing jungle gym is in the opposite direction), I want to continue pulling the cats tail (when the cat has already growled and swatted her hand)... and when mama or papa try to suggest something contrary - watch out!

Peanut cries, she arches back strong and sudden, she swats at mama or papa - even pulls our hair, she throws her arms down on the ground, and sometimes even gets into a classic baby tantrum position of beating the ground.

This from our usually easy going and sweet girl! Amazing! I'm sure we'll look back fondly on these easy tantrums one day :-)

Any advice from those of you who have been there?!

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