Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Giant Turtle moves into our backyard

Its Peanut's new/used sandbox! We filled up last night and Peanut quickly stuck her hands in. her papa was having as much fun with the sandwheel :-)

I'd been told about a woman who runs a consignment biz out of her home for these types of toys. I paid $16 for Peanut's Little Tikes turtle box, they retail for around $40 - 60. She had even replaced the eyes on it :-)

She has the whole collection in her backyard in Flower Mound - very close to Sprout's supermarket! Some of the outdoor stuff was quite faded from being out in the sun, but looked to be in decent condition. For the indoor toys like kitchens, workbenches, cash registers, etc, she often gets all the accessories from the manufacturer.

I just haven't figured out yet how to come to terms with having such big pieces of plastic filling up our yard! But, if Peanut enjoys them then it doesn't really matter what they look like. What I like about finding this consignor is that there is a bit of a recycling element to buying from her. We're helping to reuse something someone else has outgrown and then when we're done, we can trade it in with her and pass it around again.

Don't email her, she doesn't check her email -- call her if you want to make an appointment.

Judy Moore

972-539-4563 or 469 233 4050


( i think the photos here look better than the toys did in real life)

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