Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Get yourself some library storytime!

Peanut and I have been enjoying the Baby & Me Storytime at the Coppell public library. Its a free session though requires advance sign-up. During the six week session we sing the same selection of songs so that babies become familiar with them. There are also quick readings of children's books interspersed into the songs.

Baby and Me Storytime - - specifically designed to promote parent/caregiver interaction with baby through finger plays, songs, rhymes and stories to share the love of language and further baby's development. This is a one-on-one program that is designed for children who are not yet walking.

Peanut LOVES itsy-bitsy spider, she even has her own little hand signal for it: she pokes her pointer finger into the palm of her other hand. She does this whenever I say the words 'itsy-bitsy spider' or when she hears the version of the song we have on an English and Dutch children's CD. Its amazing!!

Storytime is also great for just getting us to the library to check out some books.

Many local libraries host similar sessions -- highly recommeneded!!

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