Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Baby summer skin care

We've got plenty o'sunshine here in Texas; maybe a little too much to let Peanut out without sun protection.

So far, I've got her an sunhat that is supposed to block out harmful rays and a few bottles of the 'pink' sunscreen. We've tried on a few pairs of baby sunglasses at the store, but they usually last a few seconds on her face before she rips them off!

But, a story on ABC asks why the best UVA protection is not available in the US:

But there's good news. Lotions that contain the ingredients Oxybenzone, Titanium Dioxide or Parsol 1789 block out some UVA rays.

Doctors say a chemical called Mexoryl offers even better protection.

One brand that has it is L'Oreal Ombrelle 45 for kids and infants. It can be found either in Canada or Europe.

To keep protected at the beach and pool, some opt for a layer of protective clothing:

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