Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Take a bite out of... your playmate ?!

Peanut's mama has been feeling a bit distraught ever since Peanut planted a big chomp on the cheek of one of her playmates this morning.

It all started out innocently enough. We were at Gymboree and getting ready for bubble-time when Peanut started getting friendly with the cute little boy next to us. She even leaned over to give him a baby-kiss or two. They were both having a good time until the last kiss turned into tears. When Peanut pulled away, I could see her tooth marks on the boy's cheek!!!

She's never bitten anyone before. I was so surprised and felt so bad for her victim. Peanut herself of course didn't even realize what she did. It wasn't malicious or anything. I was really shocked and kept apologizing to the mom of the bawling baby. For the rest of the time there, I kept Peanut within arms reach and was afraid to let her near the others.

The event was my first exposure to what it feels like when your baby does something you don't want her to or is "bad" behavior. It really left my mind spinning all day. Perhaps its a part of the parental 'weaning' and accepting your baby's independence. In any case, it wasn't the most pleasant feeling....

I think the cause was that she's teething again because there is a load o'slobber and she does keep nibbling on everything. This eve she was even nipping on her own forearm.

Is this a phase? Or just an uncontrollable urge that strikes when you teeth? Or do need to be concerned about keeping garlic around her ;-)?

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